The Local Port Melbourne


Australian Venue Co


Burton & Carter Architects


22-24 Bay St Port Melbourne

The Local in Port Melbourne has long been known for epitomising what a traditional local pub should be; icy cold beers, delicious pub meals, a dark bar and old worn carpets all housed in a friendly atmosphere. The new design required the “Irishness” to be taken out of the venue and replaced with a warm and modern ambience without diminishing the historical feel of the place.

Dual Gabion walls were installed internally in the bar and dining area while the bar was sanded back to its original timber and clear lacquered. The stained-glass overhead bar was replaced with natural timbers, allowing the original bar façade to be maintained. Perforated acoustic panels line the ceiling and successfully accent the bespoke lighting, designed by Burton and Carter that is featured throughout. New carpet and banquet seating finish off this conversion and bring the Local in Port Melbourne into the modern era of pub design.