Pincho Disco


Kickon Group


Studio Tate and Sora Interiors


59 Cambridge Street Collingwood, VIC

Pincho Disco galvanises the modern Latin American cuisine and combines it with a trending interior as their mecca. To demonstrate their culinary skills, KICKON Group opted for a build with Visual Builders that extends on the gastronomic encounter.

Visual Builders has managed to morph this empty concrete shell into a two-level dining experience, displaying a mezzanine seated area overlooking the main dining. An open kitchen accompanied by banquet seating for a show spectacle of the galley. Cocktail bar upon entry and bar upstairs featuring wall mounted beer taps. As well as kitchen details comprising DRYAGER suspended over the “Chef’s Window” (the intimate dining bar), char grill, and stone pizza oven (which unconventionally is used for roasting everything but pizzas).

This unassuming Collingwood warehouse transcends you to a high end restaurant atmosphere that celebrates local Collingwood stylings with a more decorous impression. Showcasing velvet draped grand steel windows combined with grand sizings of sphere pendant lights, and walls textured in earthy and metallic finishes. The bars to match are fitted with speckled white tones of granite, bronzed mirrors, patinaed brass and kaleidoscope lighting to which adorn the contemporary retro vibe of this fabulous restaurant.

Photographer Jack McGlade