College Lawn Public Bar


Australian Venue Co


DC Group + Newline Design


36 Greville Street Prahran

College Lawn in Prahran continues to engage its local publicans with its ever-changing interiors. In continuing with its progression, the Public Bar situated front of Greville Street needed revitalising and redesigning. Formerly the drinks bar was large and obtrusive with its central position encompassing the entire space. The client’s brief was to reconfigure the area to improve on the efficiency of bar service and increase its table service. The final product achieved this with the reposition of the new bar design propped against the back wall. This provided all access to kitchen services, an elongated bar and gave way for more tables on floor.

Of course, no project is complete without its complexities. Challenges arose in the removal of a large 600 x 600mm column which propped up the ceiling above. This was overcome with the erection of a significant weight of structural steel to support the above brick work. An additional obstacle was the cellar beneath the floor; taking up a third of the floor space, which further complicated structural support during construction. However, Visual Builders rose to the challenge.

Currently College Lawn’s Public Bar is in full service and has patrons admiring the freshly renovated set up with its open space lounge, and newly designed drinks bar with revived kick rail and arm rest. This venue continues to draw the Sunday session crowd, this time with an indoor retreat option.