Beer DeLuxe Federation Square


Armada Hospitality Group


Client Designed


Federation Square Flinders St Melbourne Vic

Beer DeLuxe Federation Square is an extension of the Beer DeLuxe pub chain in Melbourne. Positioned in a busy district of the CBD, the idea was to lure in patrons with the refurbishment of its beer garden and it’s ‘fresh beer-on-tap’ duo tanks. The beer garden is decked with Camaro timber, which extends from the rear of the outdoor bar to the Flinders Street entrance. The decking is detailed with modern dining booths and canter levered benches.

The ‘fresh beer-on-tap’ is a mainstream quality of beer that Beer DeLuxe is innovating towards. This quality is achieved using the CUB duo tanks by eliminating the keg storage time of beer and supplying direct from the tank to the tap and into the customers pot. Visual Builders has been integral to the installation of these duo tanks along with the copper beer lines seen channeling along the ceiling from the tanks to the indoor and outdoor bars. The installation of these tanks took a great deal of time and effort and positioned toward the entrance of the beer garden for much admiration from Beer DeLuxe’s beer loving patrons. The overall outlook was to achieve a modern flow of the old Irish pub feel and tie it with the contemporary appeal of Federation Square.