Sandhill Road Group Offices


Sandhill Road Group




292 Church St Richmond VIC

Sandhill Road Group Offices shares little of the eclectic forces that govern the design of many of their pubs however what it shares is the successful fulfillment of its design brief. Initially a famously known chemist shop: Richmond United Friendly Society (RUFS) Dispensary (circa 1887) along Church Street has now fallen in the hands of Sand Hill Road Boys. Not coincidently this building was originally owned by family within the Sandhill Road Group directors, so the opportunity to purchase was not to be missed.

The overall brief for the building was to design an open plan office space coupled with a full bar and kitchenette to be used for trialling of potential bar & kitchen staff as well as being a place to indulge in food tasting for the pubs without having to leave the office. With essentially clean lines, fresh décor & styling it is a quite tranquil yet productive space to work in.