CUB Duo Tanks


Carlton & United Breweries


ITN Architect


Australia wide

Garden State Hotel VIC

Market Hotel VIC

The Carlton & United Breweries Duo Tank system is an extremely innovative system, which facilitates the ‘made to order beer’. The beer is not pasteurised and comes direct from the brewery providing a much fresher, cleaner and crisper taste – how beer should be consumed.

Architects, CUB and Visual Builders worked closely to design the initial system. This system was a base plan that had to be manipulated to suit each of the first pubs to receive the new design. Visual Builders’ Tony Lewis and Anthony Szekfy collaborated closely with the architect to help specifically design the system to fit the individual pub layout. The critical part of the installation are the copper lines from the tank to the beer front (tap), making the initial assessment of the set out of each pub an extremely important part of the process. To date, Visual Builders is the only building contractor installing the duo tanks and has successfully won the contract to install duo tanks for the next year into pubs all over Australia.

Here is a mere snippet of some of the pubs to receive the duo tank system so far:

Garden State Hotel Vic, The Market Hotel Vic, 2016 AFL Grand Final Vic, Bondi Tea Gardens NSW, Coopers Inn Hotel Vic, Beer DeLuxe Federation Square Vic, The Terminus Hotel Vic, Pilgram Bar Vic, Carlton Brewhouse Vic, Newtown Hotel, NSW, General Assembly Vic, Royal Oak Hotel NSW, The Grovedale Hotel Vic, Coogee Bay Hotel NSW, Willoughby Hotel NSW, Tea Tea Gully Hotel SA, Sackville Hotel NSW , The Dublin Hotel SA, The Mosley Hotel, SA and many more.

Albion Rooftop Bar VIC

The Gully Public House & Garden SA

Willoughby Hotel NSW

Pilgrim VIC

Newtown Hotel NSW

Union Hotel VIC

Rag and Famish NSW

Coogee Bay Hotel NSW

Melbourne Cricket Ground VIC

Commercial Hotel NSW

London Tavern Hotel VIC

Grovedale Hotel VIC

Tea Gardens Bondi NSW

Beer DeLuxe Fed Square VIC

Royal Oak Hotel NSW

The Republic Hotel NSW

The Avenue QLD

Croydon Gaming Bar VIC

Civic Hotel ACT

Coopers Inn VIC

Regatta Hotel QLD

Terminus Hotel VIC

AFL Grand Final VIC

Plough Inn QLD

Valley Inn VIC

Narellan Hotel NSW

Harp of Erin VIC

The General Assembly VIC

Mount Annan Hotel NSW

Northcliffe Hotel QLD

Kingston Hotel ACT

Newtown Hotel NSW

Pilgrim VIC