Collingwood Apartment




Drawing Room Architecture


Collingwood Vic

This mid 1990’s Collingwood warehouse required some serious updating to improve functionality, space and utilisation of the natural lighting that was available. Taking cues from the original design, the team at Drawing Room Architecture injected some new cool calm & sophisticated elements, permitting Visual Builders to completely transform the Kitchen, bathroom and ensuite.

By reorienting the kitchen towards the living areas, Visual Builders also increased the area by decreasing a large void over the entry to the apartment. The warehouse kitchen is packed with features including a perforated mesh walkway, a unique kitchen bench which is one large heavyset tile and glass splash backs with smoky mirrors and concealed windows behind perforated screens. The main bathroom was to include a bathroom as well as a laundry, a challenge in such a small space. This was successfully achieved by tucking the laundry behind some bi-fold doors and creating cabinetry that was sleek and practical. The ensuite features a stunning elevated deck behind large steel framed translucent glass screens, providing a dramatic feature of the bedroom space. Lack of natural light is no longer an issue and at night, the ensuite glows like a lantern. This Collingwood Apartment now provides the owners with an atmospheric interior. Light and bright by day, to moody and exquisite by night.